Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mummy Love.

I have so much to talk about! But also so much to do! I start back to work tomorrow. siiiiiiiiiigh. Where have the last 12 weeks gone? I've started writing down Davis' birth story...it's coming soon. She's been really sick this past week. RSV has kicked Mommy and Daddy's ass. Thankfully the home breathing treatments worked and she did not have to be hospitalized. That would not have been fun. No, not fun at all.
She is on the mend now and more smiley than ever.

We were supposed to spend my last 12 days of maternity leave at our place upstate hanging out amongst the fall leaves but little butterfly's illness required us to be close to good medical care. So back to Brooklyn we came. We also had to miss a Halloween costume party yesterday because she can't really be around other germ toting toddlers. We debated for a moment just blowing off our costumes, but then I had flashes of Davis asking, "Hey Mom, why didn't I have a costume my first Halloween?" and my response of "Yes, you had a costume, you were a vacation ruiner that year." Well, that felt kind of sad. Though there were loads of things that needed to be done, desperately needed to be done...R and I spent a whole evening dying cheese cloth for our costumes that we were wearing forapicture. But it was pretty damn cute if I say so myself.

Monday, October 09, 2006

beans + baby = unhappiness

Looooooong time to be MIA. I'm not sure if anyone is even checking in here these days. But here goes just the same.

So after a week (or so) of screaming/puking while eating, sleeping, and being awake, the butterfly was diagnoised with acid reflux. Dr. Google scared the pee out of R and me as we were reading things like, "it should subside by 12 to 18 months" and then I read that some babies with acid reflux were puking up to 30 times a day and I thought, thank god that's not me. I just can't imagine. Poor babies, poor mommies.

We got a script for baby zantac and DL did NOT like it. She did not like it here or there. She did not like it anywhere. Not in a box or with a fox. You get the idea.
So after a few doses I just stopped giving it to her. It didn't seem to work anyway.

...and the baby continued to scream and puke. Puke and scream. And then Daddy goes to La La land for THREE nights. "Help!" screamed mommy. To the rescue came L. Thank God for L. She came over and packed us up and whisked us both away to the city. At least if DL was going to scream there would be some help. L&M could help try to soothe the seemingly un-sooth-able.

L called a doula that does craniosacral work. She was available immediately and was there in a matter of hours. She asked for the background. Baby girl, 4.2 weeks early, sleepy in the beginning, lost too much weight, seems to be thriving now, BUT puking/screaming on the boob and off the boob, diagnosed with acid reflux, feeding her sitting up (HARD to do with a wobbly infant,) not boucing her or patting her to prevent things from jiggling up, etc. etc. Oh, and I had stopped eating dairy.

Well this woman in two seconds figured out what the doctor in two visits could not. She said, "I don't think this is acid reflux. I think this is gas. BAD gas." And then she went to work. Gently moving her hands up and down DL's spine. It was incredible. This baby that had been clenched up in a ball just relaxed. Her tiny fists opened up and her arms fell heavy by her sides. And then the doula starts telling me, "No broccoli, no colliflower, no spicy food and DEFINITELY no legumes/beans..." "WHAT! OMG! I have been eating bean burritos.
Ev-er-y. Day. Foraweek." I mean they were easy to pop in the microwave inbetween the screaming/puking festival we had going on over here. Duh. Mama. Duh. Poor DL. How could your mommy be so stupid?

No more beans = a much MUCH happier baby. She still screams and she still pukes. But it's so much more calm than before and just normal baby stuff.

Like I said, "Thank God for L. What would I do without her?"