Monday, August 04, 2008


The fastest two years of my life have passed. How is this child two? Rolyn and I still look at her while she sleeps and simply cannot believe she is here. We are in awe of her every day.

This little baby (in mine and her father's eyes only) is now shockingly soooooo big. She is running and jumping. She is talking in paragraphs. She's cooking in her new kitchen. She is putting her babies to bed. While riding in the car she is playing "I spy with my little eye" and actually comprehending the rules. She is hunting fish and tadpoles with her Daddy upstate. She is literally begging him to jump into the swimming hole while holding her, saying "JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!" She loves with her whole being. She can turn up the cute factor to 11. And boy can she throw a fit.

She is our ultimate joy. Our light.

Happy Birthday sweet Davis. Happy Birthday.