Friday, June 23, 2006

Wonh wonh wonhhhhh.....

I've got a Violent Femmes song stuck in my head.
Second verse same as the first.
Just last night I was reminded of
just how bad it had gotten and
just how sick

ok maybe that sounds a bit dramatic.
But the truth is I'm back. In. The. Hospital.

We went yesterday for a big sono to see how big the bub is and if my placenta had moved away from covering my cervix. Not sure if I've ever mentioned about by's been kind of the least of my worries. It's hasn't been bleeding or anything and really as long as it didn't act up it would just mean a c-section. Oh, and pelvic rest. Meaning no sex. HA! HA! HA! Ya know that "honeymoon" second trimester where every book tells you it's OK to have sex. HA! HA! HA! Well with an incompetent cervix AND(thankfully) a cerclage I was already ON pelvic rest. It's been months and months. It sucks. Poor R.

ok back to the story.
Baby. Check. Bub is a beauty. Already estimated at a whopping 3.6 lbs.
Placenta. Check. It's moved. woohoo.
Cervix. wonh wonh wonhhhhh. It dropped from 3.4 cm to below 2cm. wonh wonh wonhhhhh. Dr. E said come to her office straight away. R wheeled me four block is a stolen wheelchair. Hey, we brought it back. I was a mess by the time Dr. E got to me. Of course she was completely calm as always. Not shaken at. All. She debated for two seconds about sending me home with a terb pump or admitting me. The hospital won. sigh.

Deja vu, people. They put me in a bed and waited for the orders to be sent through. The girl in the bed next to me is close to delivering twin girls. GUESS WHAT? Her doctor was my old doc. wonh wonh wonhhhhh. R and I are doing our best to avoid a reunion. Nothing against her...just a little weird. Rolyn did bump into her, she didn't recognize him. phew. We'll see if I can pull it off too.

I got my terb pump hooked up at 11 p.m last night. This gives me a continuous flow of medication. It's supposed to relax my uterus. Ironically it makes ME feel like I'm on speed and going through some serious menopause hot flashes. Fun.

They gave me a steroid shot today to help the babies lungs develop. I'll get another one tomorrow morning. Ok for all you ivf-ers out there. Take every progesterone shot you've every had....preferably the ones after your bum feels like hamburger meat. That girlfriends is a DREAM compared to this shot. I wondered why the nurse brought me a ice pack for 20 minutes before...I told her I've had so many injections to just do it...she of course knew better. It. Hurt. Like. A. Mofo. For about 15 minutes afterwards. BUT, just like those PIO injections, they're like a magic potion and doing important stuff. So we suffer and deal.

Dr. K, that was on call today, came by to visit. He is VERY hopeful that we will make it through this. He kept telling me while we have every reason to be anxious due to our past, that he has seen much worse cases work out...that this is different than last time. I'll be 30 weeks on Sunday. This is really good. The bub is big and strong and now has steroids working on his lungs. So now we wait.

Dr. K said as he was leaving....
" You will get through this. This does have an end. Every day gets you one day closer. Women are amazing. If men had to do this, the human race would die out."

Now I have a husband AND a doctor that can make me laugh.
And that is a very good thing.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

wow wow wow.

Today for my 37th birthday I've made it to W E E K 2 9 !!!!!

I haven't celebrated my birthday in any real way for the past several years. I was always too sad that yet another year had passed without a baby in my arms. I suppose this year is no different, there is no baby in my arms, but this year I AM celebrating. Celebrating one more week with a baby in my belly. One more week closer to the dream. Give me a few more weeks and I might actually believe ALL THE TIME that this could really happen. Not just flashes of being hopeful.

World Cup Football has kept me entertained. Though I have very little knowledge of the rules...I do love the sport of it and especially the spectacle of it all. I have to laugh that the American commentating is getting on my last nerve and I AM American. All the poor Brits, Aussies, etc etc. living here forced to listen to the score read as 1 - ZERO must be coming out of their skins.

As promised here's the Bold and the Beautiful update. This goes out to you Meri-ann.
Brooke, who was married to Ridge Forrester and then Ridge's brother Thorn and then their father Eric who she has two children with Eric Jr and Bridget and also had a baby with her Bridget's husband Deacon as well as Ridge's half brother Nick, who was briefly married to Bridget before Bridget realized the her mom and her husband were "meant to be together" uh, phew, is finally engaged to be married to Nick. That is if Nick can get over the fact that Brooke is now CEO of Forrester Creations, has been welcomed back into the Forrester family with open arms and is now working very very closely with Ridge who claims that he and Brooke are soul mates and are meant to be together.

Are you worn out yet? I am. Sorry I thought this would be a little bit easier. For a 30 minute soap there's a lot of swapping going on...I think everyone on this show has to be genetically related in SOME way at this point. And you've only heard the half of it. I don't think it's possible to write a brief synopsis. Maybe if I get really bored I'll do a flow chart of who's slept with who and what not. But for now, if I've peaked your interest, you can tune in CBS 1:30 pm eastern standard time.

OK back to World Cup for me. Brazil is up 1 - NIL.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Tomorrow I'll be 28 weeks. T W E N T Y E I G H T!

woohoo! I can't believe it.

I've had loads of visitors in town. I think they are literally passing each other on the highway to and from the airport. It's making the time pass quickly for sure. R has been upstate at the cabin enjoying the green leaves. I'm glad he's been taking advantage of the girlfriends in town and getting away for a little break here and there.

Today is the Puerto Rican Day parade. Even though the festivities are technically in Manhattan, my neighborhood is going nuts, it sounds as if the parade is in my living room. Don't really understand how showing national pride involves insanely loud music and the need to honk your horn non-stop. I'm actually glad that I have an excuse to stay inside on such a beautiful day. I haven't been to a window yet to really have a good look. Not sure I really want to have a visual of it all.

Watching a little World Cup and doing some knitting. Have a few girlies coming over for dinner tonight. Trying to stay busy so I don't feel sorry for myself as I'm missing my lil' cousin's wedding tonight. Sigh. The whole fam is in town and I'm sure it's going to be fun. Sigh, sigh.

Happy to say that it's drama free over here at the moment. But I suppose it does make for some lame-ass blog posting. Gotta think of a good topic for my next post. I could give a weekly synopsis of Young and the Restless or Bold and the Beautiful. But maybe that falls under the heading of "lame-ass blog posting" as well.

Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm in love.

I'm in love love love with my doctor. The FAB Dr. E.
I'd feel like I was cheating a bit if R weren't in love with her too.
We're not talking ménage a tois...get your minds outta the gutter.
It's love in the purest form.

Last week at my appointment we were all bit shocked with this dodgey cervix of mine. It had shortened from 4.7 to 3.0. Dr. E said she was concerned but not worried yet. She set me up with a home monitor to see if I was having contractions that caused the drastic change. She mentioned other things we might do as well, but mainly she wanted more information. The goal was to keep me from going into pre-term labor as it's easier to stop it before it starts. Anywho, due to the holiday this week, the monitor didn't arrive until Wednesday. It was a long weekend to say the least. I'm hooked up to this twice a day for an hour. And so far it has picked up ONE contraction. phew. It has picked up lots of uterine irritability. But frankly as much as this uterus is being kicked by lil' bub, I'm shocked it's only irritated. I'd be flat out pissed!

Went back for a follow-up appointment today. NO CHANGE with this ole cervix. phew. phew. Dr. E was very very pleased. We all were. She is the best...we spent some time talking about me losing Tess & Oliver and she assured me that none of that could have been prevented. We just didn't know what we do now. She understands. Really understands. She had a late loss too. Just like me. I can tell she knows what's in my head and heart. I can feel it when she looks at me.

R and I left there feeling really good. Dare I say hopeful? We are still aiming for 28 weeks...then 32 and so on and so on. But for now 26 weeks 5 days feels pretty ok.

Day by day. Day by day.