Monday, October 22, 2007

What it feels like...

Ever wonder what it feels like to hold your breath for months and months and months. To know that everyone around you just wants it ALL to work out, and how that pressure while all good and very well intended is, just that, pressure.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop? Check. Fear? Check. Faith?...ummmmmm....yes and no. Hope? Love? Desire? Determination? Joy? Courage? Check, check, check...

Basically take every pure raw emotion you've ever felt, multiply it by a gazillion, and that's what it feels like to lose children and then get pregnant again.

Yay! You're pregnant.
Oh. Um. Wait.
You're pregnant.

And then it's time. IT. IS. TIME.
And your head spins, because "How can it possibly be time?" Just yesterday, it all felt so far away, overwhelmingly faaaaaar away. But no, it's time, it's NOW.

In one blink of an eye (or at least that's how it feels) 2 tons are lifted off your shoulders, off your chest, you can breathe. "Oh, that's what oxygen feels like."

And whoosh. A scream. A beautiful baby scream. Never have your ears heard such a joyful noise. Your heart skips a beat. Then sweet, incredible, HAPPY tears flow like a river. And finally a big long exhale.

Today P&J know what it feels like.
Their friends and family are all breathing deeply again too.
Faith restored.

SHE! was born at 12:33pm.
Just a touch over 6 pounds.
SHE! is beautiful.
Sweet baby toes.
Rosebud lips.
A shadow of dark hair.

Little miss we've all been waiting for you.
We are so glad you are here safe and sound.

Welcome to the other side P&J!
You both did great.
Go Dr. E! How much do we all love the fab Dr. E?
Lots. Lots. Lots.

Woohoo! Let the lovin' and spoilin' commence!


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