Thursday, September 27, 2007

Super Woman

My assistant K is pregnant. VERY pregnant as in due, oh, 5 more days.
Today was her last day in the office. She is going to work from home until the bub arrives. Did I mention that she and her husband moved out of the city recently? So the last few months she's been commuting into the city. Which is hard enough. But pregnant? In the SUMMER. She wins in my book. And she hasn't just been showing up either, she's really been working! For the most part she has been smiling for all these months. Even through morning sickness and the heat, don't get me started on what heat does to her poor feet.

I'm praying for a quick and easy delivery. She's been so positive through this that she deserves that. I hate that what happened with Tess and Oliver has given her a tinge of apprehension. I've tried to not worry, but I have and I do. For every pregnant woman in my life, I worry, even pregnant strangers I pass, I worry. I can't help it. I just want it all to end happily. I'm ready for these women to have these bubs already! There are a few girlfriends...all due soon. Very soon. Lil' A back in Big D just had a beautiful boy. After the most complicated pregnancy. Wild. But he's here and it's a happy ending. Phew.

But back to K. She's amazing.
I'm going to miss her. Lots.
Super Woman.


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