Tuesday, May 01, 2007

No more procrastinating... Spring Cleaning in 3 parts.

R went away to LaLa land weekend before last. I had lots of time to think. Lots. Of. Time.
After Davis went to bed and the house got quiet my mind was anything but. List after list, question after question.
Too much I tell ya, too much. But one good thing came out of it. I realized that I need to clean out the clutter. The physical clutter yes, but more importantly the emotional clutter.

So here we go.

Part One: The Physical (as in ME physically, not the stacks of stuff in the apartment, that's a whole other post!)

When I went on bed rest I was worried how I would possibly be strong enough to hold my baby after of 20 weeks doing absolutely nothing. When I went into the hospital they told me to allow three weeks of recovery for every week in bed. That adds up to 48 weeks to be back 100%. Davis saved me 12 weeks when she arrived a little early. But still 48 weeks is almost a year. And I'm getting close to that number. Can't believe it but I am. It's strange because I've recently noticed I do feel stronger physically. The last week I was in the hospital my legs would shake standing just long enough to brush my teeth. After Davis came home I could not squeeze the water out of the bath sponge we would lie her on. But the other night after her bath I realized I was squeezing the water out of that huge sponge just fine! wow! Surprise. I think I have to thank subway stairs for whipping my ass in shape.

The Physical Spring Cleaning List:
Dr. appointment for a physical - check
Eye appointment, I think I need me some glasses, sigh -
Dentist appointment (remember the screw) -
Dermatologist appointment -
Mammogram (this one has to wait until I wean DL, but I'll leave it on the list anyway)

Easy things on this list that for some reason I can't get myself over to the salon that is literally across the street:
legs waxed
eyebrows plucked
roots covered- my hair is, thankfully, growing back. When they said you'd lose some hair after giving birth I had no idea. Apparently "some" means different things to different people. The new hair coming back is WHITE. Not silver or grey but WHITE. Roots must be tended to. Soon.
Mani/Pedi - has not been done since pre-bed rest. And that is way too long.

That may be it...at least it's it for now.

Stay tuned for Spring Cleaning Part Deux.


Anonymous Alison said...

Pick up the phone book and make the appointment NOW for the legs, pedicure,manicure and everything else. You will feel 1 million times better afterwards :) And think of all that hair you will have got rid of too ;)
No-one ever believes you about how much hair comes out post birth. Just under 7 months on and there's still wads falling out with me. I should have collected it and used it as stuffing (or not because that would be gross).

Strength comes from within, and from outside. As you grow stronger and more confident in yourself, your physical strength will also grow - you're doing an amazing thing, and you've made an amazing human being and enjoy her. Your return to 'normal' will be so intrinsically related to her growth, that it is an amazing bond you will both have. Congratulations!

7:20 PM  

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