Thursday, October 18, 2007


My girlfriend P is having her baby on MONDAY. I want to fast forward to, mmmm, Monday 5 pm-ish. It's not that I'm worried about her or the bub. She is in the hands of Dr. E and I have complete faith in her. I am wishing for time to fly as I cannot wait for P&J to hold their baby. The road has been long and hard and filled with more anxiety and saddness than the average person could bare. And now finally the time is so close and they deserve this joy.

P is a beautiful person and is going to make the most wonderful mother.
We bonded because we share a grief that no mother should know. P's
world was crashing just as mine was finally experiencing joy. Day by
day she has made it all the way to (almost) 38 weeks. Throughout her
pregnancy I have served as an ear of someone that knows. A few emails have raised my heart rate, each ending with phew. Thankfully she passed each milestone set and now it's oh so close.

We've talked a lot about when Davis was born and how R and I felt. R
did not cut Davis' umbilical cord, they didn't place Davis on my chest
the moment she was born, as I had always pictured it, I don't even
remember having a reaction to the announcement she was a girl. I just
wanted the doctors standing by for her to check her out and tell me she
was ok. I wanted to hear a baby scream that would let me know her lungs were ok, that SHE was ok. R shot this little movie, it's when they first handed her to me. Until tonight I could not even guess how much time passed from when she was born until when she was handed to me. All of that was/is a blur really. I checked and guess what?
It was E L E V E N minutes after she was born. That would be 11:22 pm. I'm not making this up. The time code was off on our camera so R had to do some super sluething. He did a super enlarge on his watch and the time is right there. I could not believe it. And then again it all makes sense. Of course. Eleven. It's just my number.

After many failed email attempts so P&J could see this movie, I've decided to post it here. Not sure how long I'll leave it up. But here it is for now. It still makes me cry.

To my dear friend P, I'm so glad we found each other. I think we will be life long friends. I hope that you and J enjoy the last few days just the two of you. Deep breath you two. You're almost there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You made me all weepy! It's too early for that! What a sweet moment in time. I love seeing this even more knowing what a beautiful, sweet, funny girl that baby has become, and what a fabulous mama you are.


7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my! What a beautiful moment with you a little DL fresh to the world. I can't wait to see her myself in two weeks. :)

Auntie Melissa

1:45 PM  

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