Wednesday, July 11, 2007

True Friend.

This post over on Figlet got my wheels a turnin’.

My oldest friend J and I have this kind of friendship. We’ve been the best of friends since the second grade. 31 years and counting. We’ve been through some times. Good Times. Bad Times. We’ve lived miles apart and have gone months if not years without talking. Not because of a specific reason but just because life simply got in the way. One phone call (even ones at 3 a.m.) and we are right back where we left off. No weirdness or need for explanations. I have always loved this part of our friendship. There are so many stories and fond memories. I look forward to at least 31 more years of them.

Though we are living in different cities/states and both have busy lives, technology allows us to keep in touch a little easier than “pre-internet days” (I can’t even imagine life without the www and cell phones!) I wish we lived closer and still had free hours to drive around listening to The Cure and Yaz over and over (really just two songs, right J?) But no matter where we live or what is going on in our lives I know we are friends. For life.

Thank you J, for being my friend.


Blogger echonewtonblueorion said...

AGREED. and thanks heather for such thoughts. i love you.

11:12 PM  

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