Sunday, April 22, 2007

...and it got me to thinking

I was over at the ImapatientPatient and she has been checking out her blog stats. I'm not so savvy to do this. I have no idea if Bl0gger can do this stuff. But it's pretty interesting. And then it started the wheels turning in my head. Wondering. Just who reads this blog anyway? I mean some of you are friends in real life. I told you about it and gave you the link. Even those of you that don't post I at least know you read. Then there are those of you that are my cyber friends (that sounds naughty.) Some of you know me better than some that know me IRL. Then there are some of you that have found this place via other's blog rolls. Don't get me wrong...I am not naive in thinking that this is totally anonymous. One of R's coworkers found this blog from another infertility blog and then recognized the story. She, honestly and sweetly, fessed up to R one day. But what I'm saying is I know this all out there in cyberspace and it's completely public for anyone to read. I suppose it doesn't matter how you get here. BUT. Once my wheels started turning I was wondering if there are (and I think there are) people out there that know me IRL and found this blog in some way other than me telling them about it. Which is all fine and dandy. UNLESS. You have decided to read along and. Not. Tell. Me. Call me crazy but it feels a little bit like someone's reading my mail behind my back. Kinda sorta effed up don't ya think?

And then again I might be having some delusions of grandeur that this blog is all that. Ha!


See what thinking gets me into?

Don't think I'll look into whether or not Bl0gger can track hits like w0rdpress can.
For me, sometimes too much information is just that.


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