Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bed Rest. Day ???

I stopped counting! Apparently I stopped posting as well.
Sorry 'bout that. Hope I didn't worry any of you.
I purposely didn't post on Bed Rest. Day E L E V E N. Only because of the lack of love I've had with that number in the last year or so...and then, well, I hit the bed rest blues. Full. On.

I am feeling better. It still sucks to be trapped in this bed. I've had a few visitors and loads of people taking care of me...R and L have been incredible. I have a few girlfriends online I've never met in the flesh that have pulled me out of it too. I guess this is just life, right? I mean up days and down days happen whether you're on strict bed rest or not. I'm trying my best to let it go and stop the bitching. Oh, but it feels so good to bitch sometimes.

The littlest visitors cheer me up the most. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the mommies too. They are my support system and my lifeline to the outside world. But there is something so magical and calming in the laugh of a little one.

G, my goddaughter, was here last weekend for a visit. After reading Angelina Ballerina three or four times she decided my jewelry was the next thing on the agenda. I don't have loads of diamonds and pearls, not my style, though I do love that song. But there is some interesting stuff in there, 'specially if you're three. We went through piece by piece and she tried it all on. There are a few things in there that are Tess & Oliver related. So we talked about them too. She talked about the star tattoos on my wrist, and which one was for Tess and which one was for Oliver. It was very sweet. G's mom is pregnant too. Just a few weeks behind me. G thought "her" baby was a girl and mine would be a boy. She said she thought Sam was the perfect name for my baby. And then she said with a sigh, "I wanted you to have TWINS." I had to have her repeat it again, because I couldn't clearly understand her. And then I did. I surprised myself that I was able to make it through the conversation without crying. But I did. We talked a little bit more and then she said, "Next time you can have twins TaTa." Gave me a kiss and went back to the jewelry. I made it It was so sweet. I wish I was a three year old some days.

ETA: G is having a lil' brother. Just found out this past week. She's o-kay with it as long as she can still name him Sally. But the bigger question is...Does that mean I'm having a girl now?


Anonymous Jessica said...

Found your blog through Tertia. Just wanted to say my son was born at 23 weeks and didn't make it due to incompetent cervix, so I did strict bedrest from cerclage on (week 14) with my daughter. I found that the days went slowly but the weeks went fast. You will feel slightly better when you hit those magic marks- 24 weeks, 28 weeks, etc. But you will never really relax until the babe is out and in your arms. Check out if you haven't already and I'll be checking in on you! Bedrest certainly wasn't easy, but you already know that there are worse things out there. Compared to those things, bedrest is easy. Hang in there!

9:04 PM  
Blogger davispigeon said...

Sending you kisses, sweet GirlH.
You can do this.

1:21 AM  

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