Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bed Rest. Day EIGHT.

I'm beat. Ready to hit the sack over here,
but I didn't want to lose my posting momentum.

Last night we had a small gathering for R's birthday dinner. R was surprised by the scotch on the rocks that was waiting for him in the mailbox. Wish I could could take credit for that idea but it was all M. Thankfully that little gesture made his bad day disappear before he walked in the apartment. He was happy to see everyone and the spread that L had arranged. Of course birthday hugs from the littlest guests, J, G and A put a big smile on his face. I was pushed around on the sofa lounging like a princess. All in all a very very good night.

So far no more contractions that are worth talking about. phew. Dr. appt. tomorrow. Fingers crossed that everything is still all good in the hood. I did completely bust my butt today with a nasty fall. I have no idea what happened other than the new bed we have is really high, we're talking princess and the pea high, not the low sleek platform bed I'm used to. When I got up to pee somehow my upper body thought my feet were on the floor and they weren't. I went flying across the room and landed on the corner of the coffee table. Before anyone gets the wrong idea of me flying through rooms of the house...I live in one BIG room, no walls, from the bed to the coffee table is just a stones throw. Anywho, my left arm caught the sharp corner of the table and I did a face plant on the floor. I was completely shocked. I laid there for a few minutes sort of in a mild state of panic wondering if my arm was broken and praying I didn't hurt the baby. And then the bub gave me a good kick as if to say "I'm cool Mom, you ok?" Both knees and my arm are black and blue and I survived another moment of mild drama.


Blogger davispigeon said...

AHHHH!!! No more drama!!!!
You poor thing...ordinarily a dumb accident like that would be "eh, whatever" but it's sooooo scary when you've got that little bub in there.
Sending you many many hugs and some GRACEFUL thoughts. LOL.
love you, sweet girlH.

12:55 AM  

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