Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bed Rest. Day NINE.

Today is dr. appt. day. I live for these days. Especially after the fall yesterday, I just want to know that everything is ok. Bub is a tumblin' but I want medical confirmation. Being a creative person, my imagination can be very very real. And with all the down time my imagination has lots of opportunity to come out and play, oh and to really freak me out. It's the curse of creativity.

The other upside to dr. appt. day is that I actually get out of the house! woohoo! Amongst the living! I almost feel like a normal person on these days. I get up, take a shower, get dressed in real clothes, drive into the city (though R has decided this is now over, he will now be coming home to drive me in, sigh.) With the Spring weather in full force is been such a wonderful break.

So dr. appt. was great. Doctor pleased with everything again. phew. Cervix long, closed and tight as a fist. phew. Bub just fine in there. I'm so tempted every time to say, let's just find out what this lil' bugger is...but then I also want to be surprised. It's the gemini in me wanting it both ways.

So far so good.
Back to incubating.
More tomorrow.


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