Friday, December 09, 2005

The number 11 is stalking me.

Ok I know you think it's all in my head. But really it's stalking me. I cannot get away. No matter how carefully I finds me, it knows where I hide. I'm the girl in the B horror flick that is running at top speed and the number eleven is walking and yet it STILL catches me.

The party in my ovaries will get shut down on Sunday. Look at your calendar. Yes, that's right, Sunday the e l e v e n t h. I got the inside scoop from my doctor today. SuNday SuNday SuNday, it's not going to be a moNster truck rally it's an egg retrieval rally. I really thought it'd be Tuesday or Wednesday...only eight days of stims for me!?! wow. weird. I'm not complaining as I guess that's a few less days of Menapur. yippee.

IVF#1 we got 12 eggs, all mature, all fertilized. From the DC action report this morning it doesn't sound like we'll be so plentiful this time...but hey, I only need one sticky one, right?


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