Monday, July 10, 2006

Words from the hospital.

I haven't been able to post. A few days after being here I developed pregnancy induced carpal tunnel in BOTH hands and wrists. I felt like there was fire running through my veins. Unfortunately there isn't much they can do for this except to say, " Once you're not pregnant anymore. it will go away." Uh, gee, thanks. They did send over the occupational therapist. She made splints for me to sleep in at night. I have to admit I was very very skeptical but they do seem to be working. Thankfully.

Other than my hands things have been pretty calm. The terb still messes with me a bit but it's manageable. I've had lots of visitors and phone calls. R has kept my little fridge stocked with food to spare me the crap the hospital dares to pass off as lunch and dinner. The fab Dr. E and the other doctors in her practice have all been very optimistic. This time has felt 180 degrees when I was here with Tess & Oliver. Things don't feel as precarious. Not even close.

Here is my list of what's good and bad about hospital bed rest...

The nurses here are really great.
The woman that brings in the nasty hospital food is so sweet. I think she worries that I always skip lunch and dinner.
The woman that cleans is hilarious. Her smile could brighten any room.
I have a great roommate. She's very close to safely delivering and when she does I get to move by the window! ETA: She delivered two perfect girls on July 4th. I'm now by the window and as of yet have no roommate. :)

The resident that comes in at 6 a.m. besides being a little strange, she NEVER closes the door when she leaves. EVER. My room is right by the nurses station and it's loud. grrrr.
The sheets smell like bleach.
The gowns. So lovely.
Being woken up every 4 hours for a boost of terbutaline. This usually keeps me up for a bit.
No high speed internet. I'm finding out I've become a very impatient New Yorker.
No Tivo. WHAT? I have to watch commercials?
I'm paying 12+ bucks a day for TV and phone. ??? 10 channels and no DSL. grrrr.
Curly hair + hospital bed rest = YUK. I'm pro fro. But this fro is NOT pretty.

18 days down, 14 more to go. The belly is getting so big I wonder if I'll be able to leave in the clothes I was wearing when I was admitted.

I'll try to post again soon. Thanks for all the love.
THIRTY-TWO WEEKS and 1/7 today!


Anonymous Erin said...

So glad that you posted an update and that the babe is still safely inside. I have carpal tunnel even while not pregnant, so I understand how painful that can be. It sounds like all is going as well as it can. Is there anyway you can get a DVD player and Netflix movies to yourself? 10 channels would drive me crazy.

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Meri-ann said...

So good to hear from you! Been madly checking on you every day to see how you're going.
When I was in hospital for all that time the boy bought me in my laptop and some dvd's- they were a great way to bide some time.
Take care!

7:44 PM  

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