Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Six more sleeps.

Six more sleeps until I go in for the beta. (for all you non-infertility types the beta is a blood test that measures the HCG levels in your system. They can tell at that point if you're pregnant or kinda pregnant. Much more accurate than a pee stick)
R and I have already decided that I will not POAS before the beta. (POAS= pee on a stick) In August after the frozen transfer I PeedOAS and we got really hopeful and then my beta #s were very low and then I lost that was just too much. So we've decided to wait, uh, yeah I think, we've decided to wait until the beta. On 12/27. sigh.

Back to the real story here...on the 16th we transferred two beautiful blastocysts. (5 day old embryos) The doctor said they were beauties. They were both graded 4 bc. 4 being really good as the grading is 1-6, six is the best. The doctor said no one EVER gets a 6. Kind of like no one ever gets an excellent on their preformance review at work. She also said it's very rare to get a 5. 4 is good. Really good. The bc part is like in school A is the best etc. etc. Once I heard my embies were rated bc I knew they were mine. Had to be. I didn't even need them to confirm my social security number and the spelling of my name before they transferred them. I knew they were mine. They are just like R and I were in school. They grew to a grade 4bc and said "Eh, that'll do."

My mother being my mother said, "Well it's not that they weren't capable of being 6a's."

Right Mom, you are so right.


Anonymous figlet said...

And I'll be counting them down with you.


6:20 PM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

Just 5 more sleeps to go now!

Burrow in tight little embies. I know on Monday you'll give your mommy and daddy a really high number.


4:36 PM  

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