Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Come on eggs don't stop now.

I'm still here stimming along. R is tending to the needles. Doing a great job as always. I'm still hating the Menapur. Stings like a mofo. The dildo cam has found loads of action the past two days. A BIG party going on in there. I'm holding my breath and holding on to hope the Antagon I shot myself up with in my office this a.m. does not shut down the party. I'm also hoping that this doesn't happen. That would suck. Right now I feel like I have a belly full of seaweed. Walking is getting slightly painful. Emotions are running a tad high. I think I cried 10 times today. Not sure what the difference is this cycle but I've been such a puss.

I've been knitting like a mad woman since Thanksgiving. It's been great. I had the best laugh I've had in a looooong time when someone sent me this link. Proves you can knit anything. Not sure what my Grandmother would think of this. R immediately said "You may NOT knit that. Period." haha. Period. funny. No I seriosuly think that is funny. No sarcasim there. Really. I mean it. The more I go on, the less you believe me, huh? But I do think it's funny.

Back to the knitting and Grandmama. I have a hand written pattern for her baby booties. The ones she made for both me and my sister. It's a little like a recipe handed down for generations. With detailed info like... use size 2, 3, or 4 sized needles. Knit along for 15-18 rows or so. Things that could drive a person new to knitting to drink. A lot. There's also the tie that I'm supposed to put pom-poms on the ends of...this sounds adorable and like a death trap all rolled into one. The pattern was written before kids wore seatbelts or had car seats. Come to think of it, in 1969 where did moms put their babies while they were driving? Did they just never leave the house alone with a baby? Anywho, I've decided NO POM-POMS. Not going to be handing out choking devices as gifts. Nope not me. Maybe once everyone starts on the next round of babies I can knit booties instead of making TaTa blankets. I finished my first booty tonight. I need to adjust the pattern a bit, figure out when to stop at 15 and and when to go to 18. The first one looks like it was made for the baby of a basketball player. It's really looooooooooong. But it's still pretty freakin' cute.

Off to bed. A girl's gotta get her beauty rest.
Especailly one that has a hot date with a DC at 7 a.m.


Anonymous Melissa said...

Go eggies!

I think you should knit the womb and put the pom poms on it for all the eggies you've got. :)

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Tommy Himself said...

I was born in 1967, and my mom would make me lay facedown on the floor of the car's backseat whenever she drove.

That's probably why I don't know how to get anywhere.

That's a cute link. Here's another. It proves that Kate Moss is a GREAT dancer. (And it is not safe for work.)

Hopeful ovu-thoughts,

4:00 PM  

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