Friday, December 23, 2005

Fertile Signs.

Morning of the transfer we walked to the clinic. We stayed at the lovely Chateau de M&L in case the transit workers went on strike. Which ended up not happening (at least on the 16th) but we were glad we stayed in the city in the end. We were totally pampered and well what better way to wake up than having a smiling 3 year old with dinosaurs in tow standing at the edge of your bed. Perfect.

It was a beautiful morning so we decided to walk the 27 blocks to NYU. You know, get my chi flowin' and shit. We were a bit early so we stopped a the deli/restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Can you believe I wasn't so nervous that I could actually EAT? After the OJ and croissant we got up to leave. As I went to grab my coat I noticed a teeny cockroach on MY coat. "YIKES!" I screamed. R quickly "got rid of" the roach and then we laughed. Hard.

On our way into NYU
R said, "You know I think it's a good sign"
I replied, "Roaches are really fertile."
R said, "And it picked your coat to crawl on."

And then we laughed. Hard.


Blogger davispigeon said...

That story just kills me. OMG, R could put a positive spin on a ROACH? Is he in the wrong field? He could make a lot of moola in PR.
But hey, when the Universe talks to you (even in chittering RoachTalk), you listen.
Stay strong, stay away from the sticks and we'll all wait with baited breath for the Beta results (god I'm too funny.)
love you a ton and then some,

10:06 PM  

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