Monday, October 24, 2005

Here a shot there a shot everywhere a shot shot...

and I'm not talking tequila folks.
We're shootin' Follistim and Menopur with a chaser of Antagon.

I have to say things must be going ok when your nurse, I mean, husband says, "Maybe we should always do ivf. You seem so calm. You were the same with ivf #1." hmmmmm. Of course we had to laugh. We do that a lot over here. So many situations call for laughing or crying and if at all possible we try to laugh.

But back to my thought...yes, I am calm. I think it has to do with the obvious fact that I'm doing something...something that I know got me pregnant 1.5 times. Hopefully this time works all the way. .5 pregnant just sucks really.

Funny ivf story #1.
So when we went for our refresher ivf intro class the nurse kept harping on "MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH MEDS before YOU NEED THEM." And I sat there and smugly thought "Who the hell pays out all this cash to do this and then DOESN'T HAVE ENOUGH MEDS??!!?"
uh, well, blush, blush, that would be ME. I had a refill called in for Menopur and me and the mister just flat out blanked it. Period. Until. We. Needed. It. ugh. It all worked out in the end. They had cut my Follistim dose to zero, so the Dr. on call said take the last of our Menopur and fill the other half with Follistim. That meant two shots instead of one. But shit after all these shots who's counting. (I will say R put up a post on ivfconnections and someone called last night offering up some Menopur. God I lurves the internets.)

Funny ivf story #2.
I got a call from the clinic today at 2pm. I needed to take my Antagon shot. Preferably now. Since R works on the west side of 57th St. and I'm on the east just seemed silly to make him come all the way over to give me a shot. He did offer to come (aw sweet man) but my ego got the best of me. Come on girl don't be such a whimp! I did it. It wasn't sooo bad. All the people in the Sony building that can see in my office got a show though! Probably looked like a partay going on across the street. ha.

Friday is approaching...


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