Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ladies and gentleman...let the injections begin!

IVF #2 is in full swing.

I did the same thing I've done with every other cycle, whether it was an IUI, IVF or a FET. I expected them to call me on the first day and say, "Heather you simply cannot start this madness. You, girlfriend, are already pregnant!" hahahahhahaha ahhhhhhuugh. I really thought that's what they would say. Forget the fact that I had been on birth conrtol pills for 6 weeks. (Yes, an ivf cycle starts out on bcp. Go figure. I tried to tell them I already had the birth control part covered...but they made me take them anyway.) Forget the fact that I was bleeding, not from the head or anything...just a normal period. These are two pretty good indicators that I was not and could not be pregnant. Me and my over active imagination. I can dream up anything apparently.

Does this mean that I'm NOT going to ever win the lottery? No, I can't believe that. I'm going to stay in my happy-free-flowing-money-world.

So the injections started Sunday night. R is doing a fab job with his duties. It's not so bad. I'm trying to not think about the progesterone shots to come. I had a big dose, pun intended, of reality with one of the shots. There is a new drug that is replacing Repronex. It's called Menapur. "It's more pure than Repronex. So it's not supposed to sting as much." I bought this song and dance. Hook. Line. And. Sinker. I'm not sure if my memory has faded or what but I think Menapur stings just the same if not worse. I even asked R last night if he had forgotten to switch from the 1.5" mixing needle to the more managable .5" needle. He just looked at me and laughed. I guess it would be hard not to notice the difference between the two. That 1.5 incher is a beast. We'll save those puppies for the fun ass shots of progesterone in oil. Imagine injecting molasses into your butt cheek. Not easy. Though I'm no expert on this as I've never actually seen it done before. I've got my eyes closed for every injection or blood draw. Can't stand needles. I did try to convince R to let me stick him with the needle...you know, so he can empathize. I didn't want to inject anything...just stick him. He wasn't buyin' it. Not for one second.

As penciled in my schedule on the calendar I ended up sitting there with my mouth on the floor.
And my darling R said, "Of course. Not sure why you are so shocked."
Here let me give you the run down...
Start stims 10/16
Keep on shooting up until...
Egg Retrieval 10/28 wait and pray until...
Embryo Transfer 11/2 (Mom's Birthday)

And here's where my mouth fell...

Beta (pregnancy blood test for those that don't know the lingo) - 11/11 Yep you heard it. E L E V E N E L E V E N. How the hell did I let this happen??? There's a post here about me and the number 11. (I'll try to put in a link just in case you can't find it in the mass confusion of my many many many posts. No promises though. I'm new to this blogging stuff.)

So yeah. IVF #2. Here we go. Wish me luck.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

fah-reaky. i have a number. i can't tell you what it is because i think it exists to make me rich someday, but it comes up all the time. it's not 11 though.

everything is so totally crossed for this cycle that i think i am losing feeling in some of my limbs.


8:08 PM  
Blogger davispigeon said...


Your line about injecting molasses into your butt cheek made me laugh...in that uneasy oh-god-that'll-be-me-soon way. Yeah, I tried to get T to go for the mock injection too. He just laughed. What is so funny? Don't our dearest men WANT to know how we feel?
But hey, I'm getting de-sensitized to the needles and actually gave myself the stim shots last night (T was asleep).

So it looks like we're cycling in tandem since I'm supposed to keep stimming until next Weds (at least).
Let's get those tandem BFPs, 'kay?

11:42 PM  

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