Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Long time, no post...

...and I wish I could say that this will be the post I really want to write.
But little button is about to wake for lunch. So I'll try, really I will.

I feel like I could write for years. So much rolling around in my small head. Today is my first day home alone, R went back to work today. I was so happy he could take a full month to spend with his girls. I've hardly changed a diaper I swear. He is so in love with this am I. It so much love it's scary. I'm already thinking of how I'm going to manage going back to work myself. I keep reminding myself to enjoy THIS moment and not fret over what is to come.

We finally got some time to ourselves. Just the three of us. The first few weeks were filled with visitors. Mind you we were thankful for the help, but we were so happy to have some time alone to be a family, the family we have dreamed of for so many years. We spent the last week up at the cabin. It was pure heaven.

I'm slowly regaining my strength. I've overdone it a few times. The first day at the cabin I was literally in tears, my whole body ached. I couldn't even hold the baby I was so weak. I had waaaaaaaay overdone it the weekend before and was feeling the repercussions. Thankfully the second day it rained all day and the three of us just stayed in bed. It was exactly what I needed to do and am trying to be a little more conscious of my limits for now.

I still need to write down the story of Davis being born. I need to do it soon before I forget any details. But like I said, we've had so little time alone and I couldn't waste a moment of that time this past week to spend doing something by myself. But soon, soon. Lots of other bits and bobbles too. Might have to write a monster post soon.

Until then I'll leave you with some pics of our time upstate. We looked stressed, huh? I think after what we've been through in the last few years being sleep deprived from feeding a baby has felt like a cake walk. When R left for work today he said how nice it will be to not obsessively carry his cell phone with the constant fear of getting a call from his wife that she is in pre-term labor. He did this for 16 weeks. Now that is stress.


Blogger K said...

Ok-I've been lurking on this site for about 2 months and in that time I have read all of the archives! Your story is amazing and it has helped me on my journey. Your baby is beautiful and I know you will enjoy every moment spoiling her! I am looking forward to the day when I can do the same!

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Erin said...

You all look radiant, and that is one beautiful baby.

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i guess she's kind of cute.


3:45 PM  
Blogger davispigeon said...

You and R deserve all the relaxation, calm and bliss! It's been a long, long haul, full of so much grief, stress and crap. Thank goodness you can enjoy life with the butterfly girl.

12:29 AM  

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