Monday, July 24, 2006

Party in room 233!

The roommate is GONE.
Thank you Universe.

They moved her to her own room where she can keep herself awake. She was pissed this morning that they wouldn't give her anymore morphine. Funny that she can't move to do ANYTHING without screaming out in pain...but when food comes she's able to sit up and clean her plate and when her boyfriend leaves she can walk, yes walk, all by herself to the vending machine to stock up on sodas and candy. They found skittles all over the floor as they were claening. SKITTLES!

So roommate #6 is on her way in....thankfully the nurses recognized the state of affairs in this room and pulled a switcheroo. Pays to be be nice and call them all by name and ask how their days off are...not that I'm doing any of that for special treatment. I am sincere. But hey if that means they get rid of psycho roomies as quickly as possible, that's a pretty good side effect for being nice!

I feel as if a weight has lifted off my shoulders! I think I can actually stay the 14 days left. Last night at 3am I was questioning that for sure. Envisioning myself begging Dr. E to let me go home. One more night of that would have done me in, no doubt.

ok back to incubating...more soon.

Thank you all for the comments and love and support.

oh one more thing that made my day...
pics of a new baby on the way from Korea for S&T!
brought happy tears to my eyes. he is just gorgeous.


Anonymous Melissa said...

Whew! Good riddance. I feel so sorry for the baby she is carrying and her other FIVE children! WTF is wrong with this world when someone like her can have SIX kids?

Anyway, so happy you can now gestate in peace.


10:56 AM  
Blogger davispigeon said...

H: yikes, roomie disaster! It seems unfair that you have to be in the hospital AND have roomies! BLEH.
The countdown'll be outta there SOON.
As always, kisses to you (despite the 'fro) and the bub inside.

2:25 PM  
Anonymous figlet said...

Oh wow! 34 weeks!!! THIRTY FOUR!!! That's 11x3 plus 1. So there's the 11 for you. And psycho Skittle eating roomies! Oh Lord.

Rooting for you from Brooklyn.

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what? they didn't sell razzles in the gift shop?

counting down with you...

10:07 AM  
Blogger Rolyn said...

Funny. I haven't had any time to do anything. Anything other than the millions of things needing to be done. So I haven't checked your blog because I didn't think you had the patience to deal with it on dial-up. But I'm very happy to see you've been doing it. At least a little bit. Because this will be fun to look back on some day. Or, at least, reflective? And more fun to read than it was to endure, that's for sure. Man, just to reitterate, that roommate.... INSANE... I'm surprised you're so happy she left though... because if she stayed one more day I was taking you out of there, and you'd have been home by now. Oh well. Opportunity, missed. But only 10 days until I do roll you out of there. What ya wanna do the Monday after ya get out? Six Flags? I hear they have a new ride, The Labor Lagoon Log Ride... You up for it? Love you. It's 4:45am. I'm up from a work stress dream. But now back to horizontal to see if I've cleared my head. Sigh.

4:49 AM  

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